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November 10, 2008 - New York, NY -
Cosmetic Medical Partners (, a boutique New York based firm that co-owns, develops, incubates, invests in, manages and advises companies, physicians and centers in the cosmetic and elective medical sector and health care services, is launching an expanded and updated web site to reflect its growing business and markets worldwide.

The new web site reflects the Company’s new endeavors including The Hemorrhoid Centers (, a global network of physicians that offer hemorrhoid treatments and procedures. This is the only network of its kind in the world.

The web site also reflects Cosmetic Medical Partners’ growing international presence in hair restoration, cosmetic surgery, international health care, medical tourism, cosmetic eye care and related sectors.

The Company is also involved in the medical spa sector where it provides strategic consulting, management advisory, marketing management, market research, business planning, financial projections, technology selection and related services.

According to Mac Fadra, Principal of Cosmetic Medical Partners, "The out of pocket, elective and cosmetic components of the health care sector are growing rapidly and represent a multi-billion dollar industry that will continue to grow despite temporary economic and market setbacks." "People want to look good, feel good, appear younger, and improve their image in an increasingly looks-conscious society. This phenomenon is not only prevalent in the U.S. but worldwide, particularly in emerging markets," he added.

Through its new web site, Cosmetic Medical Partners intends to capitalize upon trends and opportunities in men’s health, cosmetic surgery, travel medicine, medical tourism, fee-for-service clinics (also popularly known as cash clinics that cater to patients without health insurance or with limited coverage), global health care, and cosmetic medical eye care procedures.

The web site is targeted to physicians who wish to develop or expand their aesthetic and cosmetic medical practices and centers; hospitals who wish to enter the growing cosmetic sector by developing Cosmetic Medical Centers, a concept pioneered by Cosmetic Medical Partners; venture capital firms and private equity groups that wish to invest in companies in this sector; entrepreneurs and accredited investors who wish to participate in this industry; physicians who wish to join the Company’s hemorrhoidal physician network; and other like-minded companies, health care organizations and individuals.

For further information, visit the Company’s web site at or send an email for further information.

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