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Hemorrhoid Surgery

Open Hemorrhoidectomy (Milligan-Morgan technique)

Pioneered in 1937 by Dr. E.T.C. Milligan and Dr. Naughton Morgan, the open hemorrhoidectomy is still reputed to be the reference technique in the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids. In this procedure the three major hemorrhoidal vessels are removed. It is referred to as an open hemorrhoidectomy because the three triangular-shaped wounds are left open to avoid the abnormal narrowing of the anal canal.

"Closed" Hemorrhoidectomy (Ferguson technique)

Developed by Dr. D. Ferguson in 1952, the closed hemorrhoidectomy is a modification of the Milligan-Morgan technique. In contract with open hemorrhoidectomy, where the internal and external hemorrhoidal tissues are left open, in a closed hemorrhoidectomy, each wound is totally or partially sutured close.

Whitehead Hemorrhoidectomy

A surgical technique introduced by Dr. Walter Whitehead in the late 1800's, whitehead hemorroidectomy also known as total hemorrhoidectomy involves the complete surgical removal of the hemorrhoid-bearing rectal mucosa with a circumference of the rectum actually being excised. Due to the risk of cutting a substantial portion of rectal tissue and post-operative complications, this technique is rarely used and if so, is reserved only for circumferential prolapsing hemorrhoids.

Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

Also known as Procedure for Prolapse & Hemorrhoids (PPH), Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy, and Circumferential Mucosectomy, Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is the latest surgical technique for treating hemorrhoids. The procedure does not actually involve the surgical removal of the hemorrhoids but, rather, the loose and expanded tissue above the anus that has allowed the hemorrhoids to prolapse downward. This technique was developed to avoid making an excision in the anal canal thus improving patient down time and lessening post-operative pain.

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